Waiting For Foucault, Still – excerto


SAHLINS, Marshall. Waiting For Foucault, Still. Chicago: Prickly Paradigm Press, 2002. (livro completo  em .pdf sob licença Creative Commons)

Courses for Our Times

 A colleague at the University of Chicago, expert in material culture, offered a course on “Chicago Blues,” under the general heading “The Intensive Study of a Culture,” a portmanteau rubric for undergraduate courses devoted to the presentation of recent ethnographic research. I was prompted to put the following notice on the departmental bulletin board, thinking if Chicago Blues was a culture, Michigan football could also be one — that I have done intensive research in.





Anthropology 21215

Saturday, 1:30 – 4:30 pm

Extra Credit for New Year’s Day

Instructor: Marshall Sahlins


Anthropology 21215. Intensive Study of a Culture: Michigan Football. PQ: Undergraduates only; limit of 10. Because of the impossibility of pure presence, the course materials will consist of video transmissions—considered however in their textuality. There can be no pretence of a totalized or master narrative of Michigan football, only a consideration of certain aporias of the Power-I formation — which is to say, of postmodern subjectivity. Selected topics include: trash-talking or contested discourses; tight ends, spread formations and other subject positions; post Gerry-Fordism or de-center subject; post-deconstruction and other victory celebrations; and the helmet essentialism. M. Sahlins. 1:30-4:30 Sat, extra credit for New Year’s Day.


But that was not the funny thing. The funny thing was how many students, including graduate students, took it seriously, believed there really was such a course, and e-mailed asking to sign up for it. One person wondered if I could employ him as a teaching assistant. After the quarter was over, another four people asked how the course went.




E lembrar que não estamos muito longe disso aqui na UnB…

Pós-modernismo, aí vou eu!

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  1. Erica Bernhardt Says:


    termina sua mono, menino!

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